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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  January 5, 2014 12:30pm-1:01pm PST

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thing. all right. i'm really cheerful coming out of this for 2014. that's it for this week's show. hangs to my panel and to all of you for watching. see you right here next week. police in colorado confirming emergency crews responding to a small plane crash at aspen airport. witnesses say the private aircraft burst into flames when it crashed landed just under one hour ago. we will keep you updated as we learn more information. welcome to "america's news headquarters." hello, everyone. it certainly has been a floody day in iraq as violence surges all over that country. this is the aftermath after a series of coordinated deadly
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aaction in baghdad this morning. the car bombs exploding simultaneously near a packed restaurant and a tea house. 20 people at least have been killed and new attacks coming as government security forces battle an al qaeda-linked group to take back control of fallujah and ramadi. >> greg the two cities in iraq were that local al qaeda branch has taken control, pal gentleman and ramadi are in the anbar province. anbar province is about 30% of all american soldiers that lost their lives during the iraq war were killed. secretary of state john kerry says that he is paying close attention to what's happening in the anbar province. he ruled out sending in more american people troops. >> we are not obviously contemplating returning. we are not contemplateding putting boots the grounds. this is their fight. we will help them in their fight. yes, we have an interest. we have ain't in helping
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legitimate and elected government be able to push back against terrorists. this is a fight that's bigger than just iraq. >> proper prominent republican senators said they viewed the deteriorating situation on the ground in iraq as an indictment of the obama administration's foreign policy. senators something cane and graham detail what they perceived as major failings in a joint statement that says this. quote, when president obama withdrew all forces in iraq in 2011 over the objections of our military leaders and commanders on the ground many predicted that the vacuum would be filled by america's enemies and would emerge as a threat to u.s. national security interests. sadly, that reality is now clearer than ever. earlier today the deputy national security adviser tony lincoln spoke with iraq's national security adviser to promise american cooperation in helping isolate that local al qaeda branch, isil, and we know
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they also both agreed they need to get neighboring countries involved more to help rid the area of the terrorists. greg? >> peter, thanks very much. >> fox news extreme weather alert now and historic breeze that hasn't been seen in the better part of 40 years now digging its teeth from midwest to the northeast. fresh snow is polling in making conditions worse in several places like missouri. there is a picture there along with frigid air. janice dean has more on this record cold. >> thanks, greg. yes. we are talking about historic temperatures. take a look at our morning lows across the northern planes and upper midwest and great lakes. international falls, minus 31. these are actual air temperatures. not windchill. minus 28 in minneapolis on monday morning. minus 14 in chicago. minus 22 in green bay.
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playing one of the coldest nfl games in green bay this afternoon. look at forecast windchill. by 9:00 a.m. monday, we are talking about wind chills, feels-lishg temperatures. minus 40 to minus 50-degree range which sin credible. historic. record breaking. look at chicago. daytime high for tomorrow will be minus 13. overnight minus 14. with the wind chills, minus 20s and mine 30us. incredible. windchill warnings for a widespread swath of the country. over would dozen states. where some areas around the canadian border feeling like minus 50, minus 60 degrees. the good news is that it is a quick shot. so here are your monday highs. minus 17 in fargo. mine 13us in chicago. 7 in kansas city. things start to moderate tuesday. although in the northeast, we will start to peel the deep freeze. by wednesday, thursday, we are back into more seasonal temperatures. we just have to get through the next couple of days. also, watching this winter storm
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bringing 6 to 12 inches from the missouri river valley all the way up to the great lakes. the possibility for freezing precipitation from west virginia up to maine and then by tuesday, it is out of here and a much quieter forecast which is great news. greg, back to you. >> great indeed. janice dean, thanks very much. >> pilots are resuming at new york's kennedy airport after a mishap on the tarmac caused them to be suspended this morning. safety officials investigating after the della jet suddenly skidded off the runway into a snow bank. the plane coming in from toronto was making its way to the gate during this morning's icy rain and it lost control. thank reply none of the 35 passengers or crew were injured. the airport reopened. would of the four runways at that terminal. plight delays are expected. new developments now in the tragic case of that 13-year-old california girl declared brain dead after routine tonsil surgery. the attorneys for the hospital and the family are jahi reaching
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an agreement of moving her to a long-term care facility. the coroner's office is issuing a death certificate. as the clock winds down on a court order keeping her on life support. >> fox news can confirm the new beginnings community center for brain injury rehabilitation in milford on long island in new york has confirmed it will accept jahi's body. a short while ago that they were waiting for details about how jahi would be brought to the center for long-term care. sherry hasn't seen jahi and say young girl that's a survive. listen. >> as far as i'm concerned, it is not brain dead. we have seen a lot of miracles come to our center. we have been -- been around for six years. what i have seen with my eyes
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proves that she can come out of this very strongly. >> we know -- the family has a facility for jahi. she believes if jahi's heart was beating and responded to them, her mother's voice, and also her touch, then the girl was alive. she then added it was in god's hands. these are actually identical sentiments to the family's proceed found beliefs in this controversy. a press conference is scheduled for 6:00 p.m. eastern time when we will have more details about this. it was on friday that jahi's family reached an agreement with children's hospital oakland that she could be moved while on a ventilator. however, her mother, as part of the agreement, must take full responsibility for her during the transfer and even if jahi's heart stops beating while that move takes place. children's hospital has been unwavering on the established medical ethics in situations
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like this. >> it is all so horrible that it is so difficult for her family to accept that death. and i -- i wish and i constantly think that wouldn't it be great if had were able to come to terms with the terrible tragic event and that i didn't have to stand here in front of you all time after time. >> officials clearly feeling the strain there. the local county coroner has issued a death certificate but that document is not being released to media possibly the case has gotten so much attention. we will have the latest on fox report at 7:00 eastern from that press conference, greg, due in a few hours' time. >> thanks very much. it is back to work for president obama. the president and his daughters, malia and sash a returning to the white house this morning and ending their 15-day holiday vacation in beautiful hawaii. but first lady michelle obama is stay behind for a few extra days to celebrate her 50th birthday with friends.
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congratulations. congress will also return to work tomorrow. lawmakers gearing up for battles over obamacare. raising the federal minimum wage. extending unemployment benefits. the biggest pieces of obamacare going into effect this past week meaning americans will now be able to see exactly how well or how well not this program actually runs. but today on "fox news sunday," former republican presidential nominee mitt romney believes the program is stild flawed. >> not just that the president has to buy health insurance,s that he tells them what health insurance they have to buy. the idea that the government knows better than the american people, what kind of insurance they have to have makes no sense. it is something which i think the american people are rejecting in large numbers. i think it is going to hurt the president and hurt the country and a lot of families. >> you can catch chris wallace's full interview on "fox news sunday" right here on the fox
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the super bowl only weeks away. hard to believe. football fans are eagerly watching the playoffs from home. "the wall street journal" talking about slow tickets sales this year from playoff games. it appears a growing number of fans are simply staying home to cheer on their home team.
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what is the deal? let's ask senior business correspondent brenda butner anchor of "bulls and bears." i bought my daughters 5-inch tv and you can sit around and eat my wife's famous cheese dip and you don't have to fight traffic and pay high prices. >> well, you bought your kids that tv. right? >> wink, wink. >> right. i mean, viewing experience is so incredible. there are multiple screens. you can watch a lot of games. there's ticket prices and there's traffic and there's parking costs. there is no cell phone in a lot of the stadiums. a lot of people are saying, i'm going to stay home and watch the game. >> the in-home viewing experience is so dramatically changed over the last 30, 4050 years. my friend cole whoyn used to play football for san diego, he e-mailed me this. he goes to every chargers home
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game. i said, you know, why do you do it? let's put up on the screen. you said can you not experience the crowd. plus, you get to bond with your son. >> that's a fair point it is absolutely fair point. when you are there, you are part of the game. when you are at home, you are watching it. you are -- there peace is distance. i mean, if i had a chance to be with the buckeyes and the students for ohio state, that would be absolutely incredible. >> we are talking about the in-home viewing experience. you can literally now watch multiple games simultaneously. split the screen up. i could have watched yesterday the colts beat the chiefs while simultaneously watching the irish beat duke, basketball. you can watch all -- you can check out the rerun, victorious secret fashion show if you want to do that. >> for your kids.
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>> it is for the kids. >> yes. >> but it is so much better than when i was a kid and little black and white in the corner. >> let's not date ourselves. right. yeah. i mean, did you have to -- move up the antenna and everything. >> yeah, you did. my dad got -- go like this. don't move. what about the economic factors? you just finished the holiday season. people are spent-out right now. >>y buy had a. >> really? >> monno. >> the last time they had a blackout was 2002. we had the great recession since then. i don't think it is economic. i think it has to doing with the viewing. look at the packers. do you have a more passionate fan base than that? and to not sell out? that's saying something. >> well, and -- you know, one wonders about the smaller markets. green bay and cincinnati and so on and so forth, whether that has an impact on it at all. by the way, the niners probably better suited to playing green
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bay than the packers are. >> well, because of the rushing. right? >> aaron rodgers grew up in chico, california, colin kaepernick grew up in milwaukee. >> these a while back. but getting the ball from the quarterback to the rusher in this kind of weather is like throwing a brick covered with ice. i don't think -- >> 49ers, frank gore. all right. coldest game in nfl history. game temp was minus 48 degrees. this -- famous ice bowl. remember that? that was great. green bay over those villainous dallas cowboys. that's where my wife is from. boy, that was just awful. but the game now is -- today's game is going to be worse. >> yeah. >> allegedly. >> your wife will not make that chili dip for you. >> i know how to make it. >> i'm glad your kids will enjoy the tv watching this afternoon. >> brenda, good as
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always. >> nice to see you as well. >> bitter battle over extending unemployment benefits moving forward on capitol hill. president obama urging bipartisan support but if he doesn't get it, what does it mean for the millions of americans who are still out of work? anyone have occasional constipation, diarrhea, gas, bloating? yes! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap each day helps defend against these digestive issues with three strains of good bacteria. live the regular life. phillips'.
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welcome back. the u.s. senate is now preparing to tackle the hot-button issue of unemployment. and the big question, whether or not to stepped benefits for millions of out-of-work americans by three months. the debate is certainly pitting republicans against democrats yet again. senator rand paul said a solution needs to help those get jobs to get them off unemployment. >> what i would like to do when we get back, one, if we extend
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it, pay for it, but two, add something to it that would create jobs. so what i've been promoting are economic freedom zones which has unemployment one and a half times the national average, we would lower taxes to stimulate and spur the economy and create jobs. >> in the meantime, senator chuck schumer said any decision to stop the benefits will only hurt republicans in the midterms. >> this year, dealing with declining middle class incomes, and not enough job growth, will be the number one issue. and if on the first day of the new session the republican party said they won't extend unemployment extension, the initial round was started by george bush when unemployment was 5.6%, they'll show themselves so far out of the mainstream they'll hurt themselv themselves. >> chuck schumer articulates the very argument against himself, unwittingly perhaps, and that is to say unemployment checks began
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over five years ago. my goodness, it's been renewed more than ten times. these extensions, bob, were meant to be temporary. but some people have been collecting checks now for the better part of two years. at what point did the government say, hey, enough. >> there are two things here. unemployment rate is at a five-year low. however, long-term unemployment is still sky high. so you have these two competing factors, and what rand paul today said, i think a significant shift from what he told chris wallace a month ago, he said extending unemployment benefits would be a disservice to the workers. this will split the gop, no doubt. some say enough is enough, we need to stop extending this. but other republicans, and i think republican leaders will embrace this approach. the number one issue has got to be obama care, in 2014, an election year. so i think the republicans are going to move on this. >> senator rand paul makes the point that he's not against helping the jobless by extending benefits, as long as these
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checks are actually paid for in some way. because, bob, the cost to taxpayers is $25 billion per year. so number one, you've got to pay for them, he says, but number two, target the depressed areas and give those folks, you know, tax relief to spur economic growth. rehab the labor market, create jobs. is there an appetite for that on capitol hill? >> well, there might be. i think it's very difficult to pass anything in an election year. democrats last month, they did not insist that this extension be part of the paul rand-murray budget deal. they clearly see this as a winning issue. you know, harry reid is going to have this on the senate froor as early as tomorrow. there's no doubt about the politics here at play. democrats think they have a winning issue and they'll force republicans to -- you know, this bill on the senate floor is not paid for yet. >> right. >> but speaker boehner said,
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hey, i'm open to this, but it's got to be paid for. for republicans it could be a trap. this could be a three-month extension we're having this conversations months down the road. republicans, maybe they go for a longer term deal, and try to pay for it. paying for things is not easy, but you can always do it in washington through the accounting gimmicks, et cetera. >> in the utopian world, people take the jobs they want and not the jobs they have to take. but we do not live there. if the government stops supporting people with checks, some of those people will actually be forced to make tough decisions, take lower wage jobs, change careers, change your job, or simply take a job that they didn't necessarily want. but the argument that rand paul and others make is that, you know what, sometimes you have to do the tough thing. >> yes. and it's difficult to do the tough thing, especially in an election year. in this group of people, there have been so many people who are trying to get jobs, and there
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are certainly people who have been collecting jobs who are not trying to get jobs. that's going to be the argument that divides the gop. it will be interesting to see what ted cruz says this week. the parties will deal on this and make it retroactive. >> unemployment dropped to 7%, it's hard for the obama white house and democrats to say, we did a wonderful job, but let's keep paying out the jobless benefits. bob, could to see you, as always. >> thanks. that's going to do it for us. i'm greg. carol alt is coming up next. have a great week, everybody. good-bye. my name is suzy.
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